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Free your mind for what’s really important!

Keep your thoughts free for important memories and information, and let Handy Safe securely remember endless rows of numbers and letters of passwords, credit card details, user names, accounts (email, Internet, shopping, bank) and other confidential data.

Handy Safe for mobile phones key features:
  • 30+ predefined templates to store specific information on your phone.
  • Strong 512-bit data encryption (Blowfish) keeps your data private and secure. There is currently no effective code-breaking solution for Blowfish encryption.
  • Support of any combination of symbols and characters in your password and password strength check.
  • Modify the default information forms according to your needs (add more specific fields for text, number and date, or change icons).
  • Online backup – save data on the server for accidental data loss with Blowfish-encrypted transfers.
  • Import phone numbers from the contact list.
  • Restore accidentally deleted items.
  • Dial up numbers directly from the app.
  • Autolock feature for when Handy Safe is idle.
  • Touch screen support.

*** Please, note that the service is provided "as is" and sync with Handy Safe Desktop and some other features may be unavailable, depending on your OS version. ***


Back up data and contacts in case your phone is lost or you upgrade to a new one!


Synchronize your data between your mobile phone and PC with the Handy Safe Desktop agent, and keep all of your confidential information in one place – safe, secure, easy to access. Professional design and usability, encrypted backups and other Handy Safe Desktop features will make working with the mobile application more convenient and be an additional safeguard for all your confidential information.
Synchronize your Handy Safe Desktop for Mac OS with Handy Safe Pro for iPhone, Android or Bada, and get access to your confidential information on your desktop computer. Guaranteed uncompromised security with the power of Handy Safe Pro combined with all the advantages of a desktop.