Q1 How do I sync between phone and desktop


Handy Safe for Symbian supports data synchronisation with Handy Safe Desktop for PC. During synchronisation desktop and client exchange the latest cards' updates with each other. There is no way to set the sync direction or priority, the older card instances are always get updated with the most recent changes.

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Q2 What is the latest version of Handy Safe for Symbian


The latest version is 2.02 for S60 3.x, 5.0 devices and 2.04 for Symbian^3 devices.

Here is the table of the Handy Safe versions with corresponding update info:

Version Changes supported PC versionUpdate info
1.0 Initial 'Pro' version 1.0+  
1.01 - Support for Nokia 5800
- Small fixes
1.0+ Free
1.02 - Fixed synchronisation issues with Samsung phones 1.0+ Free
1.03 - New registration mechanism
- Small fixes
1.0+ Free
2.0 - Graphical cards representation
- Minor user interface updates
2.0+ Paid
2.01 - Long startup issue fixed 2.0+ Free
2.02 - Symbian^3 support added 2.0+ Free
2.03 [Symbian^3 specific] - Registration dialog bug fixed 2.0+ Free
2.04 [Symbian^3 specific] - Support for Symbian^3 Belle added 2.0+ Free

Q3 Why do I get 'Wrong Serial Number' error


Getting this error means that entered serial number is not supported by the installed version of Handy Safe.
In case of major changes of the product, the newer version does not accept serial numbers from the older one.
Following are the version numbers of all updates of Handy Safe for Symbian:

VersionUpdate info
1.01 Free
1.02 Free
1.03 Free
2.0 Paid
2.01 Free
2.02 Free
2.03 [Symbian^3 specific] Free
2.04 [Symbian^3 specific] Free