Q1 How do I sync between phone and desktop


Handy Safe for Android supports data synchronisation with Handy Safe Desktop for PC and MAC. During synchronisation desktop and client exchange the latest cards' updates with each other. There is no way to set the sync direction or priority, the older card instances are always get updated with the most recent changes.

Though Handy Safe Desktop for PC is used in the video, the sync procedure with Handy Safe Desktop for MAC is the same

Download video: mp4 ogv webm

Q2 What is the latest version of Handy Safe for Android


The latest version is 1.07

Here is the table of the Handy Safe versions with corresponding update info:

Version Changes supported PC versionsupported MAC versionUpdate info
1.0 Initial version
Full: no functional restrictions
- disabled synchronisation
- maxixmum 7 cards
- database is located in the phone's memory
2.0+ 1.0+  
1.02 - Bug with logging in with the virtual keyboard key 'Done' fixed 2.0+ 1.0+ Free
1.03 - Notifications about new versions are disabled
- In credit cards:
'PIN' goes before CVC code'
'CVC code' becomeы a password field
2.0+ 1.0+ Free
1.04 - Bugs, reported from end users, get fixed 2.0+ 1.0+ Free
1.05 - Full: no functional restrictions
- 14 days trial period with no functional restrictions
- database is located on the memory card
2.0+ 1.0+ Free
1.06 - Tablets support added (Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom, etc.)
- Back button bug fixed
2.0+ 1.0+ Free
1.07 - The size of a file is reduced
- Moove to SD-card
2.0+ 1.0+ Free

Q3 What are the benefits of buying Handy Safe through Android market


In general it's just a little more convenient.
You don't need to fill in credit card details when buying Handy Safe from Android market.

Q4 How do I sync my Samsung Tab 10.1 with Handy Safe Desktop for PC


On Samsung Tab 10.1, you can't choose a USB connection mode. Please install drivers from official Samsung site.

After the installation your Samsung Tab 10.1 should be recognised by your PC as a removable device. After that you can start Handy Safe Desktop and run the 'Sync'.

PC USB Driver Installation Requirements

Turn off debug mode when you are going to use synchronization